I am a designer with strong focus on problem solving. I do not just create pretty images, if it doesn't solve your pain point.

Mirek Sulc
Elzel - new visual style
Graphic Design/Branding
Furniture factory - logo design
Graphic Design/Branding
IPAs experimental design
Graphic Design/Branding
Na paradu - logo and merch design
Graphic Design/Branding
SoftVision logo lift
Graphic Design
Swag Academy logo
Graphic Design
Backdoors bar
Logo for athletic club AKL
Graphic design and branding
Warhorse - identity use
Graphic Design/Branding
Mocup Space - logo animation
Graphic Design/Animation

My experience

I landed my first design job in Ogilvy Prague in 2015 and worked there part-time for 2 years. The rest of my time was dedicated to my own personal projects or spent working for StartupYard - central Europe's oldest and largest startup accelerator - where I helped companies develop their brands, websites etc.

Thanks to StartupYard I had a chance to continue working for some of their alumni: Cryptelo, Blocknify and others.

Starting November 2017, I decided to go fully freelance and since then I have had my own roster of clients. The most notable being Warhorse Studios, CIMEX group, SoftVision fund and I also went back and worked on several projects at Ogilvy Prague as an Art Director. In the event you want to join this (hopefully) happy group, let me know!

Wanna get in touch? Drop me a line!

I am always looking for new and exciting projects, so do not hesitate to ask for a quote on your thing.

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