I am a graphic designer. I solve problems and create value for you or your business!

Mirek Sulc

My experience

I am a self taught designer. No SVA degree under my belt :). I landed my first design job in Ogilvy Prague in 2015 and worked there part-time for 2 years. The rest of my time was dedicated to my own personal projects or spent working for StartupYard - central Europe's oldest and largest startup accelerator - where I helped companies develop their brands, websites etc.

Thanks to StartupYard I had a chance to continue working for some of their alumni: Cryptelo, Blocknify and others.

Starting November 2017, I decided to go fully freelance and since then I have had my own roster of clients. In the event you want to join this (hopefully) happy group, let me know!

Wanna get in touch? Drop me a line!

I am always looking for new and exciting projects, so do not hesitate to ask for a quote on your thing.

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