Káves - Coffee shop

Project Overview
Káves is a branding project for a new café in Prague. The concept of the café is "zero waste" with a focus on students. The branding will be used on coffee carts, the café itself, coffee cups etc.

My Contributions
This was one of the most joyful projects I have ever worked on. The client knew exactly what she wanted, made decisions quickly and had the entire business plan ready at the beginning of the project. Thanks to her preparation we were able to move through the discovery phase very quickly. In the end, we decided on the idea of inverted gravity ... and even though gravity is inverted, not a single (precious) drop is spilled!
We ended up with a fairly simple, minimalist mark; however, I went through tens of iterations ranging from a completely flat line-art concept drawing of the cup with slight perspective to a concept of almost pure geometry.

One big issue we ran into was that the more abstract/geometric the mark became, the higher the chance people would misunderstand the mark and imagine something else (for example, people might see a tankard of ale instead of an inverted coffee cup). That was the main reason I went a couple of steps back to the original coffee cup shape. Káves will be used as aproject for an incubator.
Feb 2019