"A Closer look" - illustration piece

Project Overview
For some time now I have been developing my skills in illustration and 3D. For 3D I am still super noob ... trying to make in into "kinda noob" phase. This project, along the others from new illustration portfolio was made to test skill in drawing, 3D, composition and colour.
What did I use
I started to draw several poses of characters. But it all looked kinda lame. It just lacked action. I wanted to either have a still frame where everything is on stop, or have wide lens cinematic shots. So I used 3D to help me out.
Original sketch
I started to loosely sketch the original cool girl in various poses. However, as I mentioned above it was not enough. So I reached for help in Blender, 3D software. I downloaded free 3D model, added couple of lights and switched camera to wide lens, so I have good sense of lighting and perspective.

From then, it was just a process of layering details and making sure I still have the face in focus. One very interessting thing I realized is that is enough to have the iris just a 1-2 mm off and it looks like the person is looking somewhere into distance behind you instead into your eyes.
Final work - bellow
I wanted to have the final piece more in colour and add some props (like gun or cigar, she woud be smoking), but in the end, the most powerfull version is just a simple warpaing on black and white, which draws your attention directly to her eyes. I will probably stay just in Photoshop for next round of illustrations, but since I vectorize almost everything I do, I did it wih this piece as well. It is way easier to test different colour schemes and scale does not play a role of course.